Workforce management

1) Man U- Sir Alex served as football manager (27yrs) in club history. won 5EPL titles (2004-2017). 3 Managers and no EPL titles after him.

2) Chelsea- Roman took over Chelsea in 2003. since then 7 managers have changed. won 5 EPL titles(2004-2017).

3) Arsenal- Arsene wenger has resigned at the end of 2017 season. EPL titles won 0.

1) Man U had a great leader and footballing mind, in the early years of Sir Alex results were not that favorable but the management still had trust in him an he turned out to be one of the greatest football coach in history. His work model was less stressed as management stress was less on him and he had an eye of eagle for talent hunt. After Sir Alex they can’t find a better replacement.

2) Chelsea met with an aggressive owner, won 5 EPL titles but changed 7 managers. There was sheer pressure to achieve the target no matter what. Management achieved things by changing and chopping

3) Arsenal had another great mind but couldn’t survive the competition Management had faith but the trophy cabinet was empty.

We all want to work in the first scenario but we don’t get always what we want. A successful work place is a combination of great leader open to change, management with patience which leads to great team.

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