General concern while changing a job!

Its that time of the year when people are busy hunting new jobs and negotiating with their current or future employer.


So what is that will prompt you to leave your current company? Let me be more positive. what is that will prompt you to switch jobs. There are several factors that may be considered. One of the main reason is money. We have this local saying in Hindi “paisa bolta hai” means money speaks and it is true for many reason. Salary hike is an important factor in changing the job.


Second is the work life balance and I feel when your thirst for a better salary is satisfied you look for work life balance. But then with higher position you tend to be more stressed at work. Speaking at my level, right now I am in shift duty and also I need a hike in the salary so that I can keep my family in a good condition.

Other factors include place of work, facilities provided by the company, hierarchy, scope of growth, promotion etc etc….


So all welcome the Job Hunting season with both the arms and may God help you to find jobs which you wish for!!!

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