How HOAX/FAKE message spreads fast?

Well you got the thing in the title itself. Yes There are many HOAX and FAKE message spreading because we are living in a world of internet. First of all those who don’t know what is HOAX message, here is the 5 marks answer for this.


Hoax E-mail messages distribute false, often disturbing, information designed to trick recipients into passing the same note onto other E-mail users. On the surface this does not sound like a terribly threatening or bothersome practice, but hoaxes, and those who choose to distribute them, can do real damage, both physical and mental. Each message sent from a user’s E-mail account, practical or superfluous, requires the expenditure of resources on the computer of origination and on every computer network it happens to pass through or into. Multiplied exponentially by constant forwarding and re-forwarding around the world, a single hoax message can result in huge overall energy drains. You, the end-user would experience this drain in the form of a slow Internet connection or low hard drive space on your PC or E-mail profile. Physical damage like this is a nuisance at best; however, hoaxes have a more sinister effect on the computer users who receive them. Not only can hoaxes create personal anxiety and mass panic, but, when received in quantity by a single user, they can cause complacency. A complacent attitude towards the mail arriving in an E-mail account on a regular basis could cause a user to stop watching for the true threats posed by some E-mail messages (e.g. Trojan Horse programs or money-solicitation scams) and that could lead to personal disaster.


FAKE messages are fake you know. There is no need of definition. But why do we fall for it. Because of few things.

  1. They surprise us pleasantly/unpleasantly.
  2. They seems very real
  3. They touch our emotions
  4. we are dumb heads

so people get up and don’t get caught up in this chain of HOAX message.

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